regardisregard is a result of a collaboration with homeless men and women who videotape segments of their lives in the public spaces of the Boston area. This dialogue calls into question contemporary art's engagement with issues of human suffering and privilege. Modes of the art project include video, photography, sound, sculpture, choral music and live webcam technology. Presentations range from installations in musuems and universities to public art in the park and in the State House.

A wooden board incised with the names of the homeless collaborators is a part of every presentation:

Alison - Apollo - Carol - Ciaton - David - David G. - Diane - Don - Dusty - Ion - Jerry - Joe - John C. Karl - Kathryn - Kendra - Kim - KTG - Lucille - Luz - Maurizio - Meg - Michael - Odelle - Patricia - Pete Peter - Rebecca - Reese - Richie - Rick - Stan the Man - Steve

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